Intermediate Workout Program

Intermediate Workout Program

Tailored for the Frequent Exerciser Who Needs Direction and Structure

Course description

14 simple exercise sessions divided over a 4 week period. This is a slight step up in intensity to the basic level. Each workout stresses simple movements designed to improve strength, cardiovascular health, and body composition. The individual sessions range from 26-32 minutes in duration. Minimal weights are utilized but modifications are available. This level should only be completed after a person has completed the entire 4 week basic level at least once and preferably two times.

What others are saying

I have been using the 4E Fitness DVD’s in my practice for some time. I want to tell you how pleased I am with the results I am seeing. I was so frustrated with patients presenting with injuries from attempting the latest infomercial or crazy “boot camp” exercise program. I also had many patients who knew they should exercise, but didn’t know what to do and were afraid of hurting their back. I want my patients to exercise, but I want them to do it safely. The 4E Fitness DVD’s were exactly what I was looking for. The programs provide structure while also allowing the ability to progress as fitness levels improve. The exercises are easy to do, so patient compliance is good and they feel successful doing them. I can confidently recommend your DVD’s because they effectively promote core strength and spinal stability and because I know my patients will not suffer injury while following them. They are a wonderful addition to my chiropractic practice.
-Dr. Gloria

I am a 66 year old proud grandmother of fun beautiful grandchildren and a grateful 8 1/2 year cancer survivor. That said, I want to thank you for your exercise DVD. It was exactly what I was looking for. I felt a sense of accomplishment as I did the exercises at my own pace and level. Thanks for never saying, “No pain, no gain”. I have always been dedicated to keep moving, no matter what age or circumstance. So, thanks again for encouraging me to keep moving.
-Linda P.

Dr. Mark Sherwood
Dr. Mark Sherwood

Mark Sherwood, Naturopathic Doctor, is the president and founder of Live4E, a company specializing in equipping persons with tools to provide inner peace through daily renewal of the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. He also has a full-time naturopathic practice in Tulsa, OK at the Functional Medical Institute. His activity DVDs and full line of nutritional supplements are the highest quality and are sold around the world. Mark is the host of 4E TV, a weekly television program airing on three networks. He is a former Oklahoma state and regional bodybuilding champion, ex-professional baseball player and a 24-year retired veteran of the Tulsa Police Department, where he logged a decade of courageous service on the department’s SWAT Team.

Course Curriculum

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